We carry out all the repair work, taking care of the complex process of reconstruction of the apartment from «A» to «Z». The value of «Turnkey» includes all the necessary steps that will be involved in the repair of the apartment.

Our range of activities is very diverse and covers all aspects of the project. We can perform as part of the necessary work, but also the whole complex: dismantling, finishing, laying the floors, painting, installing plumbing and electricians, thermal insulation, etc. We also often encounter non-standard design solutions (for example, recessed spotlights), which is also not a problem for us.


The value of «turnkey» includes all the necessary processes, which may include a comprehensive overhaul of the apartment.


Before starting any work, you should establish a preliminary repair budget and decide on the designer and construction organization. After you set a budget, the next step is to enter into a contract with an organization or a foreman. The responsible person should be the designer, but if his support is not included in the budget, it will be a foreman. The foreman should try to follow the reconstruction project, and also should deal with the technical aspects related to the delivery and unloading of materials, as well as the observance of deadlines for repair work.

The period of repair of the apartment may vary depending on the type and complexity of the events held. The project will clarify this aspect and also provide the client with an overview of how the usable space will be used. The price of an apartment renovation in Kiev also depends on several factors: the design, the materials used and the complexity of the interior.

How much does a turnkey apartment renovation cost?

Floors, cladding, lighting fixtures, plumbing, electrical systems and many other details of this type are part of an apartment renovation project that is always adapted to the needs and demands of the customer. Home automation and advanced system solutions can complement the overhaul picture. Therefore, it is impossible to say a clear cost of repairing an apartment, it is different for each object.

A more approximate cost can be heard after the departure of a specialist. He will inspect the premises, find out about the wishes of